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No To LIRR Increase

The metrics for ridership on the PW line exceeds those of all the lines on LI. The capacity, the monthly riders, weekend ridership and satisfaction are all high but not so high to justify any rate increase of any size. The only worthwhile reason to raise fares would be to install WiFi on all the trains or reduce or eliminate operational costs. [Read more...]

Helicopter Noise

Growing helicopter noise over residential areas of Nassau: Frequent low-altitude overflights by private choppers over residential areas of Nassau county are damaging the quality of life. [Read more...]

Vote for the Grand Prize Winner


Thank you to all of you who participated in the Manhasset Chamber of Commerce’s 2014 Poster Contest.  This year was a huge success with over 110 entries from all the schools.  Each poster showed the effort and enthusiasm the kids have for our town and its traditions. [Read more...]

Congratulations Manhasset

With sincere gratitude P.A.S.S. (Parents Aligned to Support our Schools) thanks and congratulates all 2,333 voters who voted on the Capital Projects bond. Passing this bond with a 61.47% majority is a clear mandate from the community that responsibly investing in education and in the future of our fine schools matters. It matters to your property value and it matters to the quality of education. Most importantly our willingness to invest in our schools and support our schools defines who we are as a community. [Read more...]

Timing Of Vote Unfair

It is an unfair advantage toward a yes vote to hold the teacher conference day and the vote at the same time. There is such a thing as ‘home court advantage’ and this is a naked grab of such. Parents are not going to the school, see the facility and their kids teachers and then vote NO! [Read more...]

Thanks For Your Support

The Manhasset Board of Education Thanks the Community for Its Support
December 3, 2014 was a very special day for the Manhasset school community. The District received overwhelming support (a supermajority of nearly 61.5% yes votes) for the capital projects bond proposition.  2,333 community members exercised their right to vote – a terrific turnout.
This bond is an essential component of the District’s on-going commitment to long-term facilities planning.  Your vote plays an important part in maintaining a solid foundation of educational excellence for students now and into the future.  We thank you for your continuing support.

The Board of Education,
Regina Rule, President
Carlo Prinzo, Vice President
Patricia Aitken
Craig Anderson
Ann Marie Curd Fruhauf

Vote For Jay Hernandez MPD

We fully support Jay Hernandez for Manhasset Park Commissioner!

We all know that parking in Manhasset is a valuable commodity with so many Suburbans and too few parking spaces. We need to make the most of the parking real estate that is available to Manhasset residents as commuters, shoppers, and merchants. Jay is a hardworking, forward thinking individual who will do his best to develop real solutions to our parking conundrum.  In our conversations with Jay we have learned that he has already laid out plans that will maximize the current space allocated to commuters, make retail parking more efficient, and continue to work with the Town of North Hempstead to the benefit of all Manhasset residents.

We have known Jay for over 20 years and are proud to call him a friend. Helen and I both grew up in Manhasset and value all that Manhasset embodies past, present, and future. We can say with confidence that Jay Hernandez also shares these same values. Jay is an honest individual who will serve Manhasset well when elected Park Commissioner.


Helen & Michael Reddington

Vote For The School Bond

I am writing in response to the misleading information and some responses regarding the bond proposal for Manhasset Schools that would fund various capital improvement projects. [Read more...]

Vote Hernandez

Please vote for Jay Hernandez for Manhasset Park Commissioner. Jay volunteered to fill a vacant position vacated by a past commissioner 7 months ago. [Read more...]

Student Senate Supports Bond

The Manhasset Student Senate supports the bond proposal and urges residents to vote yes. If successful, the bond vote will allow students to enjoy renovated science classrooms, bigger music and art rooms, and less crowded eating areas. Besides additional infrastructural improvements at all three schools, the bond will also allow for the renovation of Memorial Field, which will benefit the Manhasset community as a whole.

As students at Manhasset, we have experienced limitations and many hardships due to space constraints. Many of us are heavily involved in the music department, and we frequently feel uncomfortable because of the physical limitations of the band, chorus, and orchestra rooms. Our teachers spend a great deal of class time positioning musicians in a way that is safe and comfortable for the entire group. Instrument storage is inefficient, and bowing accidents (in the case of orchestra) are common. Chorus students often have to stand outside of the chorus room when practicing because the room is too small. In addition, all three music rooms have poor acoustics, which is detrimental to the development of young musicians.

Art students feel the same way about the space constraints in the art classrooms. Students in the AP art class cannot comfortably create their portraits because there is often not enough room for the models to be displayed. The art rooms are crowded and hot, and it’s very difficult for students to move around freely and fluidly. In terms of the science classrooms, experiments often cannot be properly performed due to space constraints. The fluidity of movement between lab tables is hindered, and students in the back of the classrooms are often pushed up against the lab tables and have trouble hearing the teacher.

The Manhasset Student Senate has been discussing the bond issue at all of its meetings, and the student representatives have been disseminating information about it throughout the entire Manhasset student body. The Student Senate hopes to engage the entire community in promoting the bond for the sake of the wellbeing of Manhasset students. We as students feel that it is important to share our hopes and concerns with the Manhasset community, for this is a cause we all deeply care about. We strive for excellence, and excellence comes with communication, support, and communal effort.

We would like to invite all school and community members to vote for the School Bond, which will be held on Wednesday, December 3rd, from 6:30 am to 10 pm in the High School Gym. We hope you will support us in our effort to make our school a better place.

Kristina Rubertone
Griffin Hyde
Jack Kern
Ariadne Katsifas
Lauren Merola
Jerry Yang
Cathy Hu
Elizabeth Boyle
Alec Wadhwani
Carter Paterson
Nicole Kiprilov
Sophia Miradoli
Kevin Sadhu
Lindsay Rule
Michelle Miller
Richard Lombard
Jeffrey McNeary
Noel Lau
Jack Eletto
Gabrielle Albanese
Caroline O’Connor
Andrew Jacono
Chryssie Michael
Brook DiGia
Alyssa Sanders
Alex Schwartz
Cale Clinton
Paige Mantikas
Lexi Ridini
Calvin He
Arihant Jain
Sabrina Sayed
Amy Park
Joe Meyer
Brian Bock