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Volunteering For Adam Haber

One of the first things people notice about Adam Haber, is the way he can fill a room. Standing over 6 feet tall he’s not a small guy, but then again neither is the office he’s running for. As I’ve gotten to know Adam over the past two months while working on the campaign for State Senate, it’s become more and more obvious to me that he brings more than sound bytes and “one-liners” to the table. Beyond his proven business expertise as a successful entrepreneur, 20 plus years of experience in finance, and achievements balancing the Roslyn school budget, speak to Adam for five minutes and you’ll see intangibles that most politicians sorely lack. [Read more...]

Support Jack Martins For Senate

I am a longtime resident of Manhasset, and it is early, but I think it’s time to start thinking about who we should choose to represent us in the New York State Senate (7th District) election come this Fall. Our present Senator, Jack Martins, has done an exemplary job helping to improve the conditions in our community. Senator Martins had experience as the Mayor of Mineola when he first went to Albany in 2011 and he made good use of that background. [Read more...]

Maragos: $79.6M Budget Deficit

Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos released the 2014 mid-year financial projections which indicate that the County will end with a $76.9 million budgetary deficit for the primary operating funds. The shortfall is due primarily to a sharp decline in sales tax revenues, lower State and Federal Aid and above budget spending for Police overtime. Offsetting the shortfalls are increased revenues from Rents and Recoveries, lower spending in Social Services, lower debt service costs and a $12.7 million pickup from Governor Cuomo’s commitment to reimburse the County for the County’s 10% share of Superstorm Sandy recovery expenditures.

“The projected deficit is primarily the result of an estimated $90 million shortfall in sales tax revenues from lower economic activity after the prior year’s surge from Superstorm Sandy recovery spending, and a shift to online shopping,” said Comptroller George Maragos. “The Administration, NIFA, and the Legislature must find areas to reduce expenses immediately in order to end the year in balance.”

Under the Nassau County Interim Finance Authority (“NIFA”) presentation basis, which excludes revenues from financing sources such as borrowing, the County would be ending the year with a negative $206.7 million. The NIFA deficit is primarily due to an anticipated $75 million in bonding for property tax refunds and the projected $76.9 million budgetary deficit. The same factors will cause the County’s Structural Gap (the difference between recurring operating revenues and expenses) to widen to $242 million, from $99.1 million in 2013. This will be a major reversal in the year-over-year fiscal improvements achieved since 2009.

The projected $76.9 million budgetary deficit will reduce the unreserved fund balance for the primary operating funds to $49.6 million, down from $126.5 million at 2013 year-end. This projected 2014 year-end fund balance will represent 2% of the prior year budgetary expenditures, well below the County’s policy of at least 4 percent.

“Immediate steps are required by the Administration and NIFA to cut costs and reduce borrowing so that the County ends close to budget and the other fundamental fiscal trends are not reversed but continue to improve,” emphasized Comptroller George Maragos. “Swift actions will avoid the unpleasant consequences that will arise from our projections, should they be allowed to materialize.”

Penta And Future Legislation

Regarding Chuck Idol’s Op-Ed piece (The Truth About the Poison in PSEG’s Poles, July 16-22, 2014) I would like to add that here in the Town of North Hempstead, we are also very concerned with the use and lack of warning signs on utility poles treated with Pentachlorophenol (penta.)

Recently I put forth legislation before the Town Board to require utilities to remove decommissioned and damaged poles, also known as “double poles,” within 60 days of the installation of a new pole, or face a fine up to $500. Due to my great concern about the health hazards of penta, I also proposed an amendment to this legislation that would require the utility company to place a penta warning sign on any newly installed pole. This warning sign, similar to what landscapers are required to do when applying harmful pesticides, would warn against touching the pole and would also advise immediate hand washing should anyone come in contact with the pole.

This law will come before the Board for a vote On Aug. 12.

Judi Bosworth


Town of North Hempstead

Haber’s Our Man

From School Board To Senate

I am looking forward to this Nov. 4 Election Day, and the opportunity to vote for one of my best friends, Adam Haber, for New York State Senate, District 7. [Read more...]

Multiplying The Outrage

Your “Train In Vain” editorial (July 16-22) referred to “genuflecting” to the MTA’s leaders — “those six-figured salaried credits to humankind.” From that, I am inferring that you were implying that for salaries in the $100,000-to-$999,999 range, the public has a right to expect better leadership, and leaders. [Read more...]

No Morals In Society

While perusing the new summer fare that is being offered up in the name of entertainment, I was prompted to reflect on just one word: morals. Where have they gone? I seem to recall growing up in the 1950s with a solid sense of right from wrong. Oh sure, there were others who weren’t totally in step with my Catholic school values but nonetheless, we all had some sort of standards that we lived by.

I now observe the obvious void of decency in the ever influential media. Being of a seasoned age, I shouldn’t overreact to what is being hailed as a “must see” flick or limited television series. Shocked, hardly, disgusted and disappointed, most definitely. The “anything goes” mentality is flagrant. There was a time when major networks suggested that “adult themed” programs were being viewed after 9 p.m. Not anymore. Flashbacks to days when family television culminated in a life lesson to embrace, most certainly has gone by the wayside. To glorify nudity and pervasive language in today’s society is considered the “norm,” culture and refinement, a quality of the past. It is difficult not be offended and assaulted while four letter words are being bellowed from ones den.

I don’t want to “get with the times” if that means compromising my values and throwing my solid upbringing to the curb. I plan on hanging tightly to my memories when creed and standards were meaningful, decent and something to be proud of.

Diane Sciacchitano

Thank You To A&F Market

I moved to Manhasset 25 years ago for the great school system. What I have to come to learn over the years, though, is that Manhasset is much more than its good schools. It’s a place where people truly care about their neighbors and local businesses go out of their way. [Read more...]

Adopt A Pole

CalendarPhoto_071814BAdopt A Pole

The Manhasset Chamber of Commerce wants to thank all those who supported the Adopt a Pole program this year. [Read more...]

Quiet Skies

Letter sent to Senator Schumer and requested to be reprinted.

The undersigned represents hundreds of residents of Nassau County and many more in Brooklyn, Queens and New Jersey whose lives, health, peace of mind and property values have been impaired by the new FAA’s new flight patterns through Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark Airports. [Read more...]