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A Special Thank You From MHS Class of 2016

By all accounts, the kids had a terrific time at the Junior Prom, and the Class of 2016 Frolic Fundraiser that evening was wonderfully successful as well. In fact, there are many thank-yous in order, beginning and ending with Barbara and Karlo Duvnjak, who SO VERY generously opened their beautiful home to the entire grade. Our more than gracious hosts welcomed food, drinks, prizes, more snow (!) and well over 100 guests. They made everything easy and fun, and we could not have done it without them.
Likewise, we could not have pulled off such a fun and successful evening without the myriad of volunteers who donated so much, including their time. A special thank you to Laura Tranchina for coordinating all our volunteers, as well as Kelly Towers, Bob Gold, Kim Martin, Donna Terjesen, Loretta Abbraciamento, Craig Anderson, Diane Boyadjian, Cathyann Boyle, Mike Ferraro and all the parents who helped out at the event by setting up, cleaning up and everything in between, including Maureen Murphy, Keith Zenobio, Trish Kelly, Justine Lennon, Lisa Eletto, Christine Roberts, Kevin and Michele Brady, Kathleen Barry, Kathy Quinn and Caroline Kenlon.
Tasty treats were provided Peg Markham, Donna Gillis, Caroline Kenlon, Mary Beth Harris, Ellen Albrechtsen, Pam Gallo, Joanne Weilep, Marirose Merola, Pam Kenlon and Tara Baranello.
Our auction baskets were creative and beautiful and made for fun and enthusiastic ticket buying. Heartfelt thanks to Eileen Cuneo, Liz Blaney, Kathleen Barry, Elene Farrell, Eleanor Hannon, Lori Kearns, Kristin Mulholland, Lauren DeCastro, Scott Wysota, Alice Guaraglia, JoJo Conlan and the Lennon family for their contributions.
Finally, we would like to thank La Coquille, Whole Foods Manhasset, Bayside Milk Farm, our creative wontons from, A&F Market, Raeder’s Wines & Liquors, Black Tie Wine & Spirits, Hicks Nurseries, Pure Barre and Elegant Affairs for their generous donations of food and auction items. Let’s continue to thank these generous establishments with our patronage.
We look forward to enjoying other activities and events with such a wonderful group of parents over the course of the next year and a half, as our children continue to enjoy and make memories at Manhasset High School.
Mimi Donohue
Lisa Ferraro
2016 MHS Grade Level Chairs

Penta Impacts Health

Grassroots Environmental Education, a Port Washington-based non-profit organization focused on the health impact of environmental toxins, has compiled a list of independent scientific studies showing that exposure to the chemical used to treat the recently-installed utility poles in several of our communities presents potentially serious human health risks.
“People should know that pentachlorophenol (penta), a chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticide and wood preservative, is banned for use in 26 countries because of its extreme toxicity,” says Patti Wood, Executive Director of Grassroots. “Penta’s breakdown products and contaminants are ranked among the most potent cancer agents. Dermal exposures are a known risk to utility workers who install and climb the poles, and splinters can release the chemical directly into the bloodstream. Just last October, the National Toxicology Program released its new report on carcinogens and described pentachlorophenol—one of four new listings—as a chemical which increases risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in studies in humans and causes tumors in the liver and other organs in mice.”
An EPA draft review of penta found “extraordinary risks associated with typical exposure that a child might experience in communities across the United States that are dotted with pentachlorophenol-treated utility poles.”
The newly installed poles are near bus stops and infringe on sidewalks that are used frequently by parents and their young children, walking to and from school, after school activities and shopping.
From an environmental perspective, pentachlorophenol has also been shown to contaminate both surface and groundwater. “This is exactly the kind of chemical that should never be used on Long Island, where our drinking water comes from a sole source underground aquifer,” says Wood. “The leaching of penta will also result in concentrations of contaminated soil right at the base of the poles.”
Town of North Hempstead Supervisor Judi Bosworth passed a law last year requiring PSEG-LI to install warning signs on any poles installed after January 2014, but to date the utility company has refused to comply and has in fact sued the Town. The case is still pending. The Town of North Hempstead Ecological Commission has also suggested that the poles be wrapped, to eliminate the possibility of children having direct hand contact with the chemical.
Many utilities around the country are using safer wood preservatives or alternative pole materials, including steel, composite and concrete.
“From a cradle-to-grave environmental and economic perspective, steel seems to be the best choice,” says Wood.
A list of the independent studies on pentachlorophenol can be found at the Grassroots website:
Jill Minogue

Unified Team

The Munsey Park Village election is on Wednesday, March 18. All three candidates are running unopposed. [Read more…]

Munsey’s Elections

Since they were elected two years ago, Sean Haggerty, Frank DeMento and Patrick Hance have worked continuously to improve Munsey Park residents’ quality of life. Each has earned my vote in the Munsey Park Village election on Wednesday, March 18. [Read more…]

LIRR Service Challenge

Letter written to Senator Martin requested by the sender to be reprinted in the press.
I am writing to you, as I am sure quite a few others have, relating to the recent service challenges Long Island Railroad has had. [Read more…]

Munsey Park Election

As residents of Munsey Park, we are thrilled to support the bids of Sean Haggerty for Mayor, plus Frank DeMento and Patrick Hance for Trustees of the Village. [Read more…]

Oil Price Reality

The price of oil has dropped. Yipee! Consumers are happy, with more money in their pockets to consume. Billionaires in Congress and others on Capitol Hill are happier as they rake in the loot. They loosen laws allowing more funding in elections, so they can control their outcomes. [Read more…]

Thank You To Manhasset

It is easy to celebrate the many talents and accomplishments of our friends here in Manhasset. But it is in one’s darkest hour, when the kindness and support of friends, teachers and neighbors demonstrates the strength and beauty of this community. [Read more…]

No To LIRR Increase

The metrics for ridership on the PW line exceeds those of all the lines on LI. The capacity, the monthly riders, weekend ridership and satisfaction are all high but not so high to justify any rate increase of any size. The only worthwhile reason to raise fares would be to install WiFi on all the trains or reduce or eliminate operational costs. [Read more…]

Helicopter Noise

Growing helicopter noise over residential areas of Nassau: Frequent low-altitude overflights by private choppers over residential areas of Nassau county are damaging the quality of life. [Read more…]