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My Father’s Daughter

2014-Happy-Fathers-Day-Wallpapers-Sayings-CopyFather’s Day is coming up on June 21. As I think about the man who is my father, I realize I am my father’s daughter. What exactly does that mean? It’s a tribute to the man who taught me how to live life. My dad was the first person who made me feel important when I had a new little brother who sometimes got all the attention from my mom. He waltzed with me in the kitchen, just goofing around before a concert. At the beach, he convinced me to have the courage to go past the break line to battle and conquer the huge waves that knocked me down. He always made me feel like I was the most important being on earth. He made me feel safe and secure. [Read more…]

Help Nepal

My name is Alina Brugal, and I’m a graduate of Manhasset High SchLtrBrugal_050615Aool. I have been a resident of Manhasset for 22 years. I’m hoping that you can write and include some type of article in the Manhasset Press newspaper in regards to my current fundraising for Nepal. [Read more…]

Remember to Vote


We have a lot to be proud of in Manhasset and our schools top the list. We should not overlook that fact, be part of the process and vote. [Read more…]

Support The School Budget

The Citizens’ Advisory Committee for Finance (“CACF”) is comprised of the undersigned residents of Manhasset selected by the Manhasset Board of Education to be broadly representative of the community, and it serves as an independent liaison between the community and the Board regarding the annual operating budget for the School District. We have appreciated the extensive and open process that the Board has engaged in again this year to educate and to solicit and be responsive to input from our committee and from the community at large as the proposed budget was being formulated. [Read more…]

Thanks For Voting

I would like to thank Manhasset residents who voted for my re-election as a trustee and also those who approved the budget of the Manhasset Public Library. I will continue to work closely with the Library Director, Maggie Gough, and the Board during these transitional years for libraries.
The new advances in technology provide many opportunities to reach our patrons in new ways with our collection and materials. The library has expanded its appeal to all age groups in the community as a result of its programs and offers a lifetime of learning. We hope to expand our use of the community room for informative meetings, programs, exhibits, and entertainment. I look forward to continuing to represent our residents and to focusing on enhancing our first class library in a cost-effective way.
Donald T. O’Brien

Will The Nesting Poles Be Replaced?

For many years I have been watching the osprey return to their nest every spring in Manhasset Bay across the road from the Science Museum of Long Island on N. Plandome Rd. The pole and the nest has been gone since late fall. What happened to it ???? Will it be replaced??? When the nest & pole were destroyed during SANDY another one was soon put into the bay again.
Marion Cardasis

A Letter To Manhasset

I would like to advocate for changes to be made in the town of Manhasset. I am aware that The Metropolitan Museum developed our community, with all the homes built as authentic American colonial reproductions, however, I think that it is time for changes to be made.
As we continue to develop economically, we are also destroying the environment. The United States, a developed country, has had a huge carbon footprint since the industrial revolution. Everyone talks about “global warming.”   I would like to present what is happening in today’s climate in a different way, and in terms that everyone can understand. There has always been variability in the earth’s climate. Sometimes it warms, sometimes it cools. Part of this is due to natural causes. When volcanoes erupt, it leads to an increased reflection of sunlight due to the particles released in the atmosphere. These are called aerosols. Hairspray, spray deodorant, anything in a can that sprays also releases these particles, which has the same effect.
For the last few decades, there hasn’t been this variability in the earth’s climate. Instead, the climate has solely increased in temperature.  A major effect is glaciers melting causing a rising sea level. While this may bode well for people that will have valuable beachfront property in just a few short years (me), it does not have this same effect on people who live in the Polynesian subregion. For example, the 26 kilometers which make up the island of Tuvalu are just 5 meters above sea level at its highest point. The island and everyone on it will be submerged in those same years that it’s taken me to get beachfront property. Developing countries do not have the same resources that we do, and I think that it is up to us to help save what could be an entire country from being wiped out.
The first change I would like to advocate for is to allow Manhasset residents to install solar panels onto their roofs. I understand that Manhasset is an old town, and it was meant to look a certain way. However, this won’t be of any help when half of our town is under water. We were all here for Hurricane Sandy. We saw what happened to Long Beach. That could have been us. Installing solar panels on the roofs of houses is one major way to help create energy. In January 2014, the town board voted 6-0 against the installation of solar panels in two landfills. The proposed solar project would have promoted the use of renewable energy, helped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and bring in revenue provided in the form of site lease payments for a 20-year period, according to the town (Manhasset Press). This is still possible. We can still decrease our carbon footprint!
My second proposition is for the town to create a tax benefit for those who have either white or plant covered roofs. I recall a science experiment that I did when I was in elementary school. In the snow, I laid down a black T-shirt and a white T-shirt. After a few hours, I came back and the black T-shirt had sunk a significant amount. The white-shirt had not moved. My nine-year-old brain learned that this was because the black had absorbed more heat. Which is true to some extent. Now, in my junior year of college, I have taken more biology classes than I can count, including one on global climate change. In that class, I learned about albedo, which is a measure of reflectivity. The white shirt had the ability to reflect better than the black shirt did. If you have a light-colored roof, your house will not heat up as much because it reflects the heat of the sun. As well as saving on the electric bill, you would also get a tax break.
I am aware that this is a problem much bigger than me. Yes, I am aware that I have been brought up as a privileged Manhasset resident who has had everything I have ever needed or wanted. Steve Jobs said that the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones that actually do. I think that together we can change the world. Yes, I know Manhasset is small, but together, we can set an example for all of Long Island, and maybe, for all of New York. It is our responsibility to ourselves and to future generations to take charge of what we can control.
Kathleen Ackert

Thanks To All Manhasset

LtrGaswirth_041515AA sincere thanks for putting my cause in our newspaper (The Manhasset Press). My cause was collecting new and used baseball equipment. The equipment was collected on behalf of an organization called “Pitch In For Baseball.” Submitting the article helped to spread my project across the town, which drastically impacted the results for my project: 50 baseball bats, 15 baseball helmets, five sets of catchers’ gear, 30 baseball mitts and over 200 brand-new baseballs! Additionally, thank you to all of the stores in Manhasset for allowing me to put up my flyers. Along with the press, it is meaningful to do a simple action for a cause that seems unimportant, but dramatically and positively affects the lives of other people. And, lastly, a final thanks to everyone who donated either money, equipment or both.
Michael Gastwirth

Re-Elect O’Brien To Library Board


I am writing to formally show my support for the re-election of Donald O’Brien for Manhasset Public Library Trustee. Donald has been a dedicated member of the library board over the past five years. He is committed to working with the other library trustees and the library director so that our library continues to increase its electronic and digital collection, services and programs to the community.
The library is the one institution that provides a lifetime of learning for all ages. It provides material and programs that appeal to all ages starting from six months. I am proud to say that the Manhasset Public Library is loved as a destination for residents who are taking advantage of all it has to offer. It is highly acclaimed for the role it plays in our community.
Donald O’Brien has been its treasurer since joining the board and has worked with the director and the board to adopt budgets which are under the tax cap and to establish reserves for capital expenditures. He has become knowledgeable of all departments in the library. His broad range of hands-on experience is proof of his commitment to continuing to have the Manhasset Public Library as a leader in the changing roles of libraries.
Please join me in voting for Donald O’Brien on Wednesday, April 15.
Teresa Tranfaglia

Vote For Bill Harvey

Bill Harvey will be a welcome addition to the Manhasset Library Board of Trustees. Please mark your calendars and join us to vote for him on April 15. [Read more…]