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Cruel To Animals

On Thursday, Oct. 2, the Manhasset Rotary Club sponsored the Zerbini Family Circus at Memorial Field. I appreciate so much the efforts by community members to plan and create charitable events that make Manhasset such a wonderful, family-friendly place to live. However, I was saddened to see a circus that includes animals welcomed here. Behind the flashy circus acts and camel rides, most circus animals, including dogs, elephants, bears, monkeys and cats, live dismal lives full of isolation, intimidation and fear. It is standard practice to train circus animals through beatings, whippings and electric shocks. According to the Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ (ASPCA), “Former circus employees have reported seeing animals beaten, whipped and denied food and water, all to force them to learn their routines. Animals are taught that not obeying the trainer will result in physical abuse.” One can simply Google or YouTube “circus animal abuse” and see firsthand the cruelty associated with animal circuses generally. [Read more...]

Luxurious Is Not In The Plans

There is no School Board plan to “construct a luxurious, freestanding Administration Building to house the Superintendent and his staff of approximately 20 employees”.   Rather the School Board proposal takes the most fiscally responsible route to free up space for fine arts classrooms by repurposing and renovating the existing, freestanding Bus Garage and returning it to direct District use. [Read more...]

Dangerous Tree

My wife Janet, my family, my friends, my neighbors, and I (continuous full time resident of Manhasset for over 32 years) are concerned about a dead tree that is located near the curb at 127 Knickerbocker Road, Manhasset. I called 311 today in reference to a previous call I made on Aug. 8 concerning case number 38332, i.e., the dead tree. I was told by the 311 agent that the town inspected the tree and will be responsible for “trimming” branches from the tree. [Read more...]

The Work of LTFPC Committee

We were each members of the Long-Term Facilities Planning Committee (LTFPC), which helped develop the bond proposal that will be up for approval on December 3rd. We are writing to explain the process behind the proposal’s development, to highlight some of its key components, and to dispel some misconceptions that have circulated in the community. [Read more...]

Vote For Astorino

Rob Astorino is the last and only hope of the N.Y. Republican Party. Over the last few years, I looked on in horror as the N.Y. Republicans systematically destroyed themselves. It was a Keystone Cops slapstick joke. I could imagine that even the Dems watched in disbelief. The great fall started with the N.Y. Repubs supporting gay marriage. [Read more...]

Unsafe Driving By Apple Store

AppleStore_092614AI am a resident of Strathmore Village and was driving home on Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 6pm and just turned on the Gate near the Apple store. As I passed the parking lot, a car driven by a young man turned into the southbound lane and headed north, directly at my car which was traveling south. [Read more...]

Commuter Civility

Last Tuesday, my mother had an early morning appointment at the New York Hospital in Flushing, Queens. Since she lives in Flushing, I told her I would meet her there. I forgot that during rush hour, there were no local trains. Looking at the LIRR schedule, I see that I need to get off at Great Neck Station, change to another train to Bayside, and then change yet another train that goes to Flushing. It seems simple enough…or so I thought. [Read more...]

Manhasset Doesn’t Have A Middle School

Most residents in Manhasset think of our Middle School and High School as “two” schools.  That is a mirage.  Step into the shoes of the Middle School student:  When they were “seniors” in elementary school, they were the “big” kids on campus—mature, confident, and empowered with experience and knowledge. [Read more...]

Haber, Right Choice

When people ask me, “Are you Republican or Democrat?” I usually say neither, because I am interested in voting for the person, not the party. [Read more...]

When Will We Ever Learn?

Once again our leaders are taking us down the path to war with no end game in sight. We are embarking on another disastrous war in the Middle East, ignoring the lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan that there is no military solution to end these civil wars. Further, air strikes will only fuel Arab anger and increase terrorist recruitment. Air strikes may sometimes take out their targets, they always kill civilians. Rather than air strikes the U.S. should use its leverage and power for negotiations. [Read more...]