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Effect Efforts Of Pols

In the seven or so years I have been working on the helicopter and aircraft noise issues, the last two years working with Congressman Steve Israel and Assembly Members Michelle Schimel and Edward Ra, have been the most productive. Many of you read or hear about the the results of their work but not about the effort they go through to get things done. [Read more...]

12/3 Bond For Our Schools

If we care about remaining a high performing school district, our community needs to pass this bond on Wednesday, December 3rd.  I have two 7th graders (Class of 2020) and one 5th grader (class of 2022) , and these grades are enormous at around 310 and 270, respectively.  My kids have been subject to larger class sizes, which has not been optimal. Middle school sports teams are not meeting the demand, and I wish the kids had a place to go every day after school.   [Read more...]

Please Support Our Troops

Many of you may have seen that our Marines recently closed Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan as the drawdown continues of some of our U.S. forces in the region.  However, our brave men and women are still serving in the area and many continue to be deployed.  The 3rd Battalion, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade (Task Force Talon), is among those who will be spending the upcoming holidays in Bagram, Afghanistan in service to our country. [Read more...]

Art For The Cure

The fifth annual Art for a Cure charity art auction to benefit breast cancer research was a huge success.  The auction was hosted by members of the Manhasset HS Art Honor Society and raised over $5,000.  [Read more...]

Support Haber

The state senate race for the 7th district has been heating up between Democrat Adam Haber and Republican Jack Martins. Throughout the race several issues have been misrepresented. [Read more...]

No Apple Bashing

Enough, I am tired of the Apple Store bashing letters in the Manhasset Press. This week a letter with the headline, “Unsafe Driving by Apple Store” seems like a subtle or not so subtle attempt to embarrass a national retailer who elected to build a modern, tasteful store in our community. [Read more...]

Mayors Support Martins

This November, as we do every year, we will choose who we want serving us as our elected representatives. One of the most important choices this year will be who should represent us in the State Senate. We strongly urge our neighbors to re-elect our current representative, Senator Jack Martins. [Read more...]

Mistaken Identity

As a long-time employee and current office manager of The Zerbini Family Circus, I would like to address the comments in letters to the editor from Oct. 19. [Read more...]

Cruel To Animals

On Thursday, Oct. 2, the Manhasset Rotary Club sponsored the Zerbini Family Circus at Memorial Field. I appreciate so much the efforts by community members to plan and create charitable events that make Manhasset such a wonderful, family-friendly place to live. [Read more...]

Luxurious Is Not In The Plans

There is no School Board plan to “construct a luxurious, freestanding Administration Building to house the Superintendent and his staff of approximately 20 employees”.   Rather the School Board proposal takes the most fiscally responsible route to free up space for fine arts classrooms by repurposing and renovating the existing, freestanding Bus Garage and returning it to direct District use. [Read more...]