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SCA Executive Board Meeting

DSCN2548Manhasset’s School Community Association held it’s first Executive Session meeting on Friday, Sept. 12 in the Black Box Theatre at Manhasset Secondary School.

SCA Executive President Tricia Cash opened the meeting with the pledge of Allegiance and introduced the board as well as several committee members and spoke of the  upcoming events.

Liz Tilikas, the Executive Treasurer made a motion to approve the new SCA budget presented last spring. The 2014-15 Executive Board approved the 2014-15 SCA Budget.

Each SCA School President spoke briefly of her school’s upcoming events.  Superintendent of School Charles Cardillo, presented a brief overview of the Long Term Planning Committees efforts and the upcoming proposal of potential bond vote.  Meeting was adjourned by 9:55 a.m.

The Executive Board meeting was followed by the Manhasset Middle School/High School Parent meeting at 10 a.m.


Manhasset Lyons At Harvard

BuckleyLyons_091214AFor 10 months of every year, Manhasset resident Elizabeth Lyons is focused on making sure each of the students in toddler through fourth grade at Buckley Country Day School are being challenged and educated at the highest level.

When those students took a break to enjoy the summer, however, the Assistant Headmaster and Head of Lower School went back to school herself — participating in Harvard University’s Leadership: An Evolving Vision. For Ms. Lyons, switching from educator to student comes very naturally.

“Even though I have been doing this for many years, I definitely feel that there are always new opportunities for learning and my experience at Harvard really validated that feeling,” said Mrs. Lyons, who just began her 11th year at Buckley. “I guess I’ve always been a lifelong learner and I hope I always will be.”

Not only did Lyons have the chance to work with Harvard faculty and experts on school leadership, but she was able to sit side-by-side with some of the finest educators from around the world. In her group there were colleagues from various states, in addition to those from Australia, New Zealand and Dubai.

“There were large group sessions covering many topics, including what you have to unlearn as you move forward in your career, as well as ways of enhancing students performance, which is really what my passion is,” Lyons said. “How we can move students forward in their learning and how we can make sure every single child is given the opportunity to learn to his or her full potential.”

To that end, one of the ideas that Lyons brought home with her from Cambridge was how using interim assessments would be very helpful.

“Doing on-the-spot assessments every day, with every lesson, prevents the gap…not waiting until the end of a quarter, or even end of a unit to see who is not learning,” Lyons said. “We have definitely been doing that here, but it’s a process I plan to formalize at Buckley.”

One of the biggest aspects of the conference for Lyons was the emphasis placed on school culture and the message a school sends out. She related that to Buckley’s vision of the 5 C’s: Communication, Collaboration, Critical thinking, Creativity and Character.

“If we say that part of our culture (at Buckley) is that we believe that every child can learn, then what are the behaviors that we expect to see to support that belief,” Lyons asked. “A lot of what I did (at Harvard) really validated so much of what we do here, which was a really good thing.”

Ironically, while reflecting back on her week at Harvard, Lyons stressed that a major takeaway from Leadership: An Evolving Vision was the importance of reflection for all educators.

“I think so many times, we go through our day and our weeks and our months and we don’t take the time to take a step back and think about how is what I am doing supporting children in their learning. Because that’s really what we’re all about,” she said. “I came away with some wonderful ideas that I would like to implement, but I was really pleased at where Buckley is in the realm of education today.”

$25 Million Proposed School Bond

On Thursday, Sept. 4, Manhasset parents and administrators gathered for the regularly scheduled School Board meeting and listened to what the Long Range Facilities planning group had considered for inclusion in a possible bond referendum.

The Board and administration had determined a total of 43 projects which comprise 20 programmatic projects ($19.9 million), 21 infrastructure projects ($5 million) and 2 athletic projects ($1.5 million) totaling $26,456,758 if all the projects were to go forward. [Read more...]

Manhasset BOE Receives $250K Gift

On Thursday evening, June 19, the Manhasset School district publicly acknowledged the receipt of $250,000 gift from the Manhasset SCA for a mutually agreed upon.  Regina Rule, President of Manhasset Board of Education extended her thanks to the Manhasset School Community Association for the gift of up to $45,000 which will be used to complete the art gallery in the Secondary School.

Manhasset Superintendent’s Column

SuperintendentsColumn_091914AThe opening week of school this year happened to coincide with the hottest week of the entire summer.  While I am sure a number of students were probably thinking of how nice it would be to have had a few more days riding waves in the ocean, the spirit of the majority of our youngsters reflected their happiness and enthusiasm about being back in their second “home” for the next 180+ days, whether at Munsey Park, Shelter Rock, or our secondary school. [Read more...]

Manhasset Special Action Committees

The Manhasset Union Free School District Board of Education is seeking interested Manhasset residents to serve on its board-appointed advisory committees.  Committees are appointed for Finance (CACF), Legislative Affairs (CACLA), Technology (CACIT) and Athletics (MAAC).  The board also appoints community members to its Audit Committee.  Additional committees can be appointed on an as-needed basis by the board.   Committee members are generally appointed to three-year terms.  Meetings are held monthly or bi-monthly.

All members of the community who wish to contribute their expertise to any of these committees are welcomed to apply.  Please submit an application by mail to the District Clerk, Manhasset Public Schools, 200 Memorial Place, Manhasset, NY 11030 or by email to

The application can be found on the district’s website at by accessing the link for Board of Education – Board Committees.  Individual committees are listed on the left column.


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Don Monti Golf Classic

Golfball Saint Mary’s High School will host the 22nd Annual Don Monti Memorial Golf Classic and Fall Alumni Dinner on Thursday, Sept. 25 at Plandome Country Club. Following the golf outing, a dinner reception will take place where Tom Raleigh will be honored with the Timothy J. Coughlin ’76 Memorial Award for Outstanding Contributions to St. Mary’s High School.

Raleigh has deep connections to St. Mary’s High School and the Manhasset community. Four of Raleigh’s five children went to St. Mary’s –Tom, Jr. ’88, Brian, ’91, Katie ’93, Kevin ’95. He has been a loyal St. Mary’s advocate both as a past parent and former coach.

He joined the Nassau County Police Department in 1969, and after three years as a patrolman, he found his calling. He spent the next 17 years overseeing the Manhasset Police Boys Club (PBC), responsible for coordinating all of the youth services and sports in the community. It was in this role that he would come to know and coach many of the young men who would go on to become St. Mary’s High School students and now alumni.

He also spent seven years coaching basketball at St. Mary’s High School, winning five league championships on three different levels. His basketball skills were honed at St. Francis College where he played for three years on a Division I Baseball/Basketball scholarship. He was a mainstay on the 1966 Knickerbocker Conference Championship team.

An avid lacrosse fan, Raleigh coached lacrosse at Manhasset High School for seven years and started the Floral Park youth lacrosse program. He has resided in Floral Park for 37 years, where he was actively involved in CYO.

Raleigh is married to his elementary school sweetheart, Marilyn. The Raleigh’s have five children, Tom Jr., Brian, Katie, Kevin, and Kristie Erin, and 12 precious grandchildren.

The event is open to anyone who would like to attend in honor of Raleigh and be part of the day long festivities. All of the money raised directly benefits current St. Mary’s students.

To learn more about the event or to register online, visit or contact Kristin Lynch Graham, Director of Development and Alumni Relations at 516.627.2711 ext. 1162.

Proposed Manhasset School Bond


The Manhasset Board of Education will meet on Thursday, September 4 in the High School Band Room #218 at 8 p.m.  There will be a discussion of elements of a potential bond referendum during the 2014-2015 school year.

In addition, there will be a Board of Education Workshop held on Wednesday, September 3, at 6 p.m. in the Secondary School Board Room regarding long-term facilities planning and the proposed bond referendum.

5% To SEPTA From Whole Foods

whole foodsManhasset Whole Foods Markets is running an event Give Back 5% today, Wednesday, Aug. 27, to support the Manhasset PTA for special education (SEPTA) for the Give Back 5 percent shopping day. Five percent of all spending that day will be donated to Manhasset SEPTA as part of the store’s commitment to educators in the community. Residents are invited to come out to shop and support the event.

Whole Foods is located at 2101 Northern Blvd. just off Searingtown Road.

Whole Foods Gives Back 5%

Septa_01514Manhasset Whole Foods Markets is running an event tomorrow, Wednesday, Aug. 27, to support the Manhasset PTA for special education (SEPTA) for the Give Back 5 percent shopping day. Five percent of all spending that day will be donated to Manhasset SEPTA as part of the store’s commitment to educators in the community.  Residents are invited to come out to shop and support the event.

Whole Foods Markets Manhasset, located at Northern Blvd and Port Washington Blvd, is committed to giving back to local communities with four 5% Give Back days over each calendar year. [Read more...]