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Letter: Jeopardy Finalist

From Jenna Faith Weitman, 9th-Grader, Manhasset High School

I would like to congratulate Mr. Dillon, the music teacher from Munsey Park, for making the final level on Jeopardy for the teachers competition week. Also, I want to wish him the best of luck when competing during the week of November 11th. I am sure I speak for so many Manhasset families when I say we are so proud to have you represent our town, schools, and teachers! Best of luck-we hope you win! My family and I can’t wait to watch and cheer you on from our home.

As a former student of Mr. Dillon’s in elementary school, I loved participating in his music class as he shared his love for music with us…a love of music and singing that I now have. He is a great teacher and I am so happy that I was one of his students.

Congratulations, Mr. Dillon, and best of luck on the program! And thanks for all your inspiration and dedication as our music teacher.


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